Knitting Projects Bags, five reason you'll need one

Here at Sew Louisa I’m a little obsessed with providing knitters with project bags that are functional as well as beautiful to look at. I absolutely love a knitting project bags and have several on the on the go at once. So, I’ve come up with five reason you’ll want one of Sew Louisa’s knitting project bags from keeping your organised to keep you projects dust and dirt free.

It will keep your knitting project organised.

I know some of you will think I just sworn at you as for most creative people that is a word not used very often (that can’t be only me). But hear me out, using our knitting project bags you have all your supplies for your project in one place. All our bags have interior pockets, the small has one while the medium and large have two. The pockets are designed to hold anything from spare needles to your pattern, keeping it altogether. No more searching around for the lost knitting pattern or that stich holder you need.

knitting project bags

Keeps the dust, dirt and yes animal hair away from your project.

One perk of our knitting project bags is that keep the project nice and clean. This is especial useful if you like to knit on a commute as you don’t want you project one surfaces that may not be very clean. As someone who has two cats and the inevitable cat hair, I also know that our project bags keep the hair out, often the cat sit on my knee while knitting.

Its ready to grab to take to your knitting group or while travelling

As everything is contained and all in one place it makes taking your knitting with you a breeze. Because our knitting projects bags can hold anything from a shawl (small) to a blanket or jumper (large), you have a grab and go bag.

It makes a wonderful and thoughtful gift for the knitter in your life

 As an avid crocheter and knitter I would love to receive anything yarn related but especially something practical like our knitting project bags. It would be even better

stuffed full of some beautiful hand died yarn, and they are some fantastic dyers out there.

It’s pretty

Let’s face it we all love pretty things in our lives and knitting project bags are no exception. I love sitting down to knit with practical and pretty things. I don’t know why but it always encourages me to be creative.

I hope that this article as giving you some ideas for why I feel a knitting priject bag is such an important item to have. It keeps you organised, protects your project from dust and dirt, makes is easy to travel with your projects, makes and thoughtfull gift and is pretty.

Have a look at our selection of projects bags and they will be one that you just love.