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The Most Important Tools Of A Beginner’s Sewing Kit

People learn the skilled, creative craft of sewing for many different reasons, from wanting to try new and exciting custom embroidery stitching, to wanting to save money by repairing worn clothing and textiles.

Regardless of the reasons to get into the hobby, there are quite a few tools that no sewing person can do without.

Sewing Scissors

Whilst some people who sew get by with any pair of scissors they can get their hands on, a strong and easy to use pair of dedicated sewing scissors will help to reduce the strain on hands when cutting through thread and types of fabric.

For embroidery a small pair of scissors for cutting the ends of threads will suffice but if you plan on making clothes a pair of good scissors is essential.


As you are working with sharp needles, it is important to have a strong thimble, which not only helps to avoid the pricks and prods that inevitably happen when you start stitching but help stop needles from slipping as you push them through the thread.

Needle Threader

When you start sewing, one of the early frustrations quite a few people have to overcome is getting the thread through the needle’s eye.

The most common of these is a simple diamond-shaped wire, which you thread through the needle, thread loop through that and then pull the thread through.

When starting, a good needle threader can help to reduce the frustration of the early steps of stitching.

Seam Ripper

If you plan to modify clothes or there is an issue with the thread, sometimes you need to pull stitches out, and the easiest way to do so is with a seam ripper, that reaches under the thread and easily pulls the loop up and out, ready to modify again.

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