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Girls’ Fashion Trends For 2022

Children’s clothes are lovely to make, being able to give your grandchildren, niece, or even your own little one pieces you’ve sewn yourself. But you want to make sure the recipient will love whatever you design, so they never want to take it off.

Here are the latest trends for 2022 for the special girl in your life.


Embellishment is every sewer’s dream, as you get the chance to put all your skills to use in creating outfits with ruffles, flower appliques, bows or pleats.

According to Glory Trends, this year is all about intricate detailing, particularly with trapezoidal dresses, so you can add as many embellishments to the garments as you want.

Gender neutral tones

You might want to design a floral, pink, frilly frock for baby girls, but colours are far more muted and gender neutral in 2022l.

According to Rolly Pollies Organic: “These days, mothers do not discriminate colour boundaries for boys and girls as they used to be in the past years.”

Instead, lots of outfits are unisex, with shades typically being beige, cream, grey, or yellow and green.


You can make use of all your favourite patterns this year, as patchwork is back in fashion. This means you can use a combination of patches with varying designs to create a bright and vibrant outfit.

Glory Trends suggests making a patchwork A-line sundress with lantern sleeves and a high waist, making the skirt patchwork while the top remains monochrome or block colour.

These colourful designs are perfect for the spring/summer, so why not consider making some as Easter baby clothes for something special to wear for the occasion?

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