5 Tools Every Hand Embroidery Newbie Should Own

As with any new hobby or craft, getting started with embroidery can be daunting when you think about all the equipment you need, from hoops, frames, needles, thread cutters, and more.

But as you start to learn a new skill with needle and thread, the actual list of embroidery tools you need is not that long. We have a look at five essential embroidery tools to get you started.

1. Needles

The right needle will make embroidery less frustrating for beginners, and also more likely to deliver better results. These are the three types of needles to get you going

Crewel Needle – the basic needle for hand embroidery

Tapestry Needle – shorter than the crewel needle, but with a longer eye and a blunter tip, commonly used for cross stitch and needlepoint

Milliner Needle – aka the straw needle, ideal for wrapped stitches such as bullion knots, French knots, or cast-on stitches.

2. Hoops and Frames

An embroidery hoop keeps the fabric taut, so your stitching does not pucker the fabric. Not necessary for every type of stitching, but a good idea for beginners to help get the hang of things. Plastic hoops are fine, to begin with, but wood hoops will be of higher quality and more robust.

3. Embroidery Scissors

Embroidery scissors are different from regular craft scissors. They have smaller and usually thinner blades that are extremely sharp, and they normally come to a very pointy point. The main reason to use them: they can get really close to the ground fabric to cleanly cut those threads.

4. Light and Magnification

Embroidery needs keen eyesight to work on intricate pieces, and it is a good idea to get an illuminated magnifier, food in most craft and sewing stores, so you do not strain your eyes.

5. Smart Storage

Keeping your supplies organised is key for being able to keep projects organised. There are many light and transportable containers and sewing organisers available, and ziplock bags are great for hoops, instructions, and threads.

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