Easy Kids’ Halloween Costume Ideas

Halloween is getting closer, which means the kids will be getting excited for trick or treating, spooky décor, and spooktacular fancy dress parties.

No matter your age, Halloween is an exciting time! There are spooky-themed parties to attend, face paints, dancing, food, and party games, as well as the dressing up. But if you’re struggling to come up with Halloween fancy dress ideas for your children, then we have some delightfully cute costume ideas for you!

Old person

Your child will stand out from the rest dressed as an old person, and it will look absolutely adorable and will give everyone a big smile!


Dressing your child as a pumpkin is one of the most festive decisions you can make. But be sure to get plenty of photos to embarrass them with when they are older!

Tinkerbell and Peter Pan

Tinkerbell is an age-old favourite, simply needing a green dress and fairy wings to complete the look. But if fairies are not your child’s favourite, then what about Peter Pan. Again put on something green, fashion a hat with a feather on it and you have a quick and easy outfit.


Lions, elephants, hedgehogs – you name it, we bet your child could pull it off. Animals can also be the least scary option for younger children if that is something you need to consider.


Dress your child as the King of Rock and Roll – why not? This will be a super sweet tribute to someone who meant so much to so many. Plus, if you’re planning to be around older family members they may love the look!


This can be as simple as a white sheet with eye holes cut into it, or let your imagination run wild when creating a cute ghost outfit!

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