Top Baby Announcement Ideas

Many mums and dads look forward to announcing they are having a baby just as much as they do finding out they are even expecting. So, if you’re planning on making an announcement anytime soon, here are some creative ways on how to do so. 

  1. Sibling outfits

When you are having your second, third, or even fourth, child, you don’t just have the new bundle of joy to get excited about. A newborn in the house also means the roles of your other children will change, with your youngest now becoming an older sibling. 

So, one of the cutest ways of involving them in this special news is by getting sibling outfits for boys and girls that tell the world there’s going to be a new baby in town. 

  1. Seasonal props

If there is a special season coming up, whether it’s Christmas, Halloween or Easter, this could be the perfect opportunity to make your announcement. 

With Halloween coming up, why not get three pumpkins, writing mummy on one, daddy on the other and painting the third, smaller one, either pink or blue? Next cut out a heart in the ‘mummy’ pumpkin and put the ‘baby’ pumpkin inside. On the cut-out heart, write the baby’s due date. 

  1. Use family pets

Cats and dogs can also join in on your announcement, particularly if they have been your only ‘baby’ until now. Simply get your furry friend to pose for a picture next to a board with the details on, together with a photo of the baby’s scan.

You can even get T-shirts for your pooch with ‘Big Brother’ or ‘Big Sister’ on, if your dog is a fan of dressing up.  

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